Construction materials

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Construction materials for interior and exterior decoration (slabs, stones for interior and exterior decoration), natural and artificial

  • more than 1000 deliveries
  • 7 years
  • China, Korea — Vladivostok, China, Korea — Moscow, China — Khabarovsk
  • order formation, quality control, labelling, shipment, customs clearance and delivery, successful completion of all stages of customs clearance.
  • ОбъеVolumes of our clients' imports in this area have increased 10 times since the beginning of our cooperation, which we are certainly happy about!мы импорта наших клиентов в этом направлении выросли в 10 раз с начала нашего сотрудничества, чему мы, безусловно, рады!

During the cooperation, issues related to the correctness of the selected HS code and the application of low duty rates have been successfully resolved, and classification solutions have been obtained. Also, performing actions with the goods during the customs inspection has been minimized for its integrity and safety.